Happy Summer, Friends!

It’s been a few months since I was able to touch base with all of you. The spring has been filled with travel, trials, and tractor pulls. (Okay, I didn’t actually go to any of those last ones, but now you’re paying attention.)

Now that things have settled down a bit, I’m happy to report that I’m back in production mode. My Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing is completed. My manuscript for my first fiction book has been accepted for publication. I’m done teaching for the summer. And while other people head for the beach, I reorganize my life.

I’ve asked a few of my friends to drop by in the next few months, so you’ll be hearing from authors and artists from time to time. I hope you’ll click on over to their websites and support them with a comment or a “like” or investing in their art with a few dollars.

I’ll keep you posted on my book’s progress, and invite you all to celebrate with me!


“Casting On” Appears in Gravel Literary Magazine

Fall cleaning often means time to re-organize.  The shelves, cabinets, drawers, shed, basement…nothing is safe when the mood to clean out strikes!  For me, organizing is essential to a fresh beginning, and that inspired my latest piece, “Casting On“.   This personal essay appears in the November 2013 issue of Gravel Literary Magazine, and fuses the idea of beginnings with the determination and frustrations that accompany learning any new endeavor – even if it’s just a couple of sticks and some string.

Knitting Kit-Jimin

(Photo credit: nist6ss)

Take a moment to visit this extraordinary magazine and enjoy the offerings of some very creative minds.

O is for Opportunity

The April Blogging from A to Z Challenge continues!


O (Photo credit: chrisinplymouth)

O is for Opportunity

Opportunity is supposed to knock but once, except in my case, where I chase it down the street, grab on to its coattails and cling to its leg while being dragged along.  I’m not really the kind to wait around for opportunity to find me.  I moved too much as a kid.  If Reader’s Digest couldn’t find us after six months, how was opportunity going to catch up?

I believe we create our own opportunities in life.  Need a job?  Make one.  Want to sell something?  Make an offer.  These passive newspaper ads and craigslist begging hats have become invisible to society, so it is up to us to make our dreams happen.

Me?  I’m on a personal mission at the moment.  I’ve been knocking on a lot of doors and trying to get a “yes”, and you know what I discovered? 


I am a chance for you to build something great, to learn something new, to grow in directions that aren’t on any map.  I thought our roles were reversed, and I was sitting around waiting for something to happen.  But that’s not the case.  I am the one who’s coming for you.  I’m knocking on your door, so you might want to answer it.

Leave a comment for me, if you please.  Writing is a lonely business.

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