Ozarks Writers Conference 2012 – Hollister, Missouri

Last year’s Ozark’s Heritage Foundation Writers Conference was a huge hit – that must be why they’re doing it again!  AUGUST 16-18, 2012 writers from all around will gather to the historic town of Hollister, MO for a weekend of writing inspiration, mentoring, and fun.  There is still time to get the phenomenal registration rates and special historic English Inn room prices…just visit HERE for all you need to know about this upcoming event.

Author and Ye English Inn proprietor Janet Dailey welcomes writers to the 2011 Hollister, MO conference

This year’s menu features tips on manuscripts and editor communication, how to write the historical article, insight into how writing has changed, how to set up a blog and internet presence for the writer’s needs, and more.  Janet Dailey, Fred Pfister, Dusty Richards, and even Yours Truly will be serving up a mental meal fit for literary king!

Tempt your taste buds with this recollection from last year’s event, then get on over to the Writers Conference page and sign up!

More notes on last year’s speakers and the historic area of Hollister can also be found at the links below:

Can a man be shot for spitting on a window? Is it illegal to whistle on a public street?  You’d be surprised what was once law, and lawless, in the city of Hollister, Missouri!

Hollister City Manager, Rick Ziegenfuss, was kind enough to give our group at the Ozarks Writers Conference a brief tour of the historic district and a very informative slide show.  Here are a few photos of Ye Olde English Inn…and see if you can guess these town tidbits!

Ye Olde English Inn on historic Downing Street
Lobby & Grand Staircase
Balcony & Rock Work
Take it from the top…
Writers break for lunch at Little Hacienda Mexican Restaurant

Now, let’s see how you did…

Historic Downing Street was once named Front Street.  Otto Kohler was a strongman for the circus.  Birdcage Alley was once Broadway, where all the front doors of the buildings faced (away from the railroad).  That heavy-hitter was Babe Ruth, and only Popcorn Pete McAllister could be the demon barber of Downing Street!

Thanks for playing, and be sure to visit historic Hollister, Missouri!

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Who’s That Loser? – The Backwoods Boob

We’re snobs.  We think that education and money and power and prestige and Dr.-Big-Britches-says-so makes up the sum total of a person.

Again and again, I read accounts of famous orators, writers, artists, scientists – all who have a resume that reads like Robbie the Reject, until that one magical turning point in their lives when the rest of the world recognized their brilliance.  (Often this is some days after their obituary has appeared in the local paper.) Were they all colossal idiots who one day got infected with genius DNA? Or do we have a skewed perception of what success as a human being really means?

Take this famous American:  He had 10 older brothers and sisters to beat him up, grew up in a town named after his father (try getting a fair shake in that club), and lived so far out in the boonies that he learned to read by watching his mother. Obviously homeschooled, he misbehaved his way to getting the boot out of Yale, then wrote a book purely on a dare (his wife’s), and because he didn’t believe there was anything else worth reading.  For his first book, he literally wrote like a girl.  Epic fail.  Not one for subtle hints, he wrote a series of other books that finally landed him some respectability – and hopefully a few bucks.

Who was this Loser?

I’ll give you a photo hint…

James Fenimore Cooper (1789-1851)

James Fenimore Cooper

  That’s right.  This historical hottie wrote one of the best-loved books of all time – The Last of the Mohicans.  Set against our snooty-toot modern definition of success, this guy is a tragic blip of backwoods boob.  I mean, come on – homeschoolers don’t make anything of themselves.  We all know you have to have an expensive university degree to rise in society.  If you spend years on a project – say, writing a book – that turns out to be utter poo, only a moron would try it again.

  Thank goodness we have so many parents, teachers, counselors, investors, politicians, and total strangers telling us how to go about our daily lives.  That’s why we’re surrounded by so much success and elevated thinking. (Smell the sarcasm?)  Why, I’ll bet they raise the national IQ to 260 before long!  (No, wait.  It was lowered recently to 80.)

  They say history is written by the winners.  I say we have a responsibility to look at history with our point of view, and to redefine success as a life well-lived.  No strings attached.

How do you define success?  What is success for yourself, as opposed to other people?