A Chicken Goodbye

We suffered a tragedy on our little farm recently.  Two large dogs came through the area and systematically killed all but 3 of my wonderful flock of chickens.  In what my husband has termed “The Massacre of 2012”, my dear feathered friends and sometime-subjects of essays met their end.  (Read my “Sister Wives – A Tale of Poultry Polygamy” here.)

In thanks for their years of egg production and the many days of joy they brought to my life, I am re-posting one of my first blog posts I wrote when they were just a day or two old.  Good-bye little ones, you will be missed.

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Here is a Buff Orpington pullet – a future egg-layer at 3 days old. They are alert and curious, very strong and stable on their feet, and the first to figure out how to eat and drink!

Only days after they hatch, the buffs have a few delicate adult feathers peeking through the down!

The Blue Silky Bantams will one day sport a topknot on their heads and feathers on their feet and legs. They will always be small, but are known for being excellent mothers and having agreeable little personalities. These little cuties are noticeably smaller than the buffs, and are quite wobbly on their feet. They often fall over if they run into a fellow hatch-mate, and get tired easily. The runt of the group drops off to sleep without notice – tipping slowly forward onto his beak and taking a little snooze!

The blue and white silkies get distressed unless they’re in a group. Let’s face it, everything is better when you can cuddle!

This is a White Silky Bantam – the kind my family had years ago, along with our Rhode Island Reds. They’re like the French Poodles of the chicken world – all flash and fashion! Of course, their blue and green “peewee” eggs are practically useless, but with this kind of cuteness, who cares!

A little glimpse of the future! Blue skin and feathered feet!