“This Day in History” Featured Poet – Randy Mazie


Congratulations to Randy Mazie!  He was the drawing winner this week for the “This Day in History” poetry prompt from Reason 2 Rhyme.   The Writer’s Village is his home for Friday Fiction and more.  His poem, “When He Was Born”, answered the challenge to “select one day in history and compare it to the present.”
Read it below, and visit Randy’s site for more wonderful writing!

When He Was Born

My heart whispered, this is mine.
I stroked his soft new skin, I listened to him coo,
He lost his breath; I fretted, oh, oh, and when
He sucked his air back in, I soared, and I danced.
Our lives began in love and worry:
I was daddy;
This is my son.

Today, we are reborn
in stroking new soft flesh; we listen to him coo,
And lose his breath; we fret, oh, oh, oh, and when
He sucks in air, we soar and we dance
Together: two linked soul-dancers, one not sure of the steps;
One having danced with missteps for many years, and
All three lives wrapped in love beginning:
Grandpa-daddy and daddy-son,
And baby-son, and

Randy Mazie

Thanks to all the participants this week, and here’s a sneak peek at Monday’s prompt…

Choose a poetry form that involves some kind of number requirement (a 5-7-5 syllable haiku, a Shakespearean sonnet with 14 lines/10 syllables per line, a couplet form with rhymed endings, a quatrain, or any other form where you must take numbers into account).  Write on any topic of your choice, but be sure to pause and appreciate – or denigrate – the use of numbers in a poem!

The prompt page will be live on Monday, July 9, with a place to post your poem in the comment section, or link directly to your page.  Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with next!

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