Outdoor Poems

Nothing inspires quite like nature. Admittedly, I’m usually inspired to slather on sunscreen and run from the bugs, but on those rare occasions when I can wander a cultivated garden it is pure bliss.

The Botanical Gardens nearest my home are a wonderful sample of what Paradise could be. Within a few minutes among the roses, hostas, and iris, the tension subsides, making room for creativity to flow. I may not be much good as an outdoors-woman, but I’m excellent at appreciating its beauty!

Here is a haiku triplet I wrote on one such visit:

A water’s whisper

bids me stay, and learn how

to still the rushing.


The path that winds back

upon itself lets each one meet

again, but newly.


Raindrops make ripples;

softened pebbles from the sky,

their presence soon forgot.


How are you inspired by nature?

Haiku, Low-ku

Gimme treat

A dog is not the

Faithful sort. He merely knows

Who buys the biscuits.

At one point in our month’s discussion of poetry, we considered that we may be too low-brow for haiku. We toyed with the notion of Low-ku, a poetry form that focuses on the unworthy topics for immortalization. Like the one I’ve written above.

What’s your Low-ku???

Monday Motivation – “Ain’t” Ain’t a Word

We’ve reached the end of our Spring Break-Away month, and the student entries have been full of fun and excellent rule breaking.  To cap off the month’s activities, try one last challenge that bucks the grammar grouches…

English: Originally for the article Contractio...

Write a piece using the maximum number of contractions (can’t, don’t, mustn’t, etc.)  As a bonus, try to include a few that add a rhyming element to the end of your lines.

Post your piece in the comment section below, or link to your website where it is posted.  Be sure to visit other Rhymers and leave encouraging comments, and remember to share this site with your friends on FaceBook, Twitter, or elsewhere.  See why we have a Reason 2 Rhyme!

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