Reason2Rhyme Poetry Prompt – “Book Spine Poem”

I am completely taken with Brain Pickings ongoing series, “Book Spine Poetry”.  The idea is that by carefully selecting a few book titles and stacking them together, you can create a free verse poem.  Take a look at the serendipitous samples HERE, then add your own creation below (I know you have books just laying around, waiting to become stars in a new poem…)

P.S.  If you love haiku, this is going to be your new favorite!

Create a Book Spine Poem by layering titles to make a meaningful statement.  These can be books you own, or notice at your local bookstore or online.  (Photo is optional, but it’s nice to at least give credit to the authors’ works and their contribution to your poem.)

Here’s an example from Maria Popova:

“I live in the future and here’s how it works: People waste and want everything in pursuit of the unknown.”

I noticed that I had rather a lot of education titles, so I went with this theme:

The Good-Enough Child or

Toilet-Trained for Yale?

Hey! Listen to This:

Stories to Read Aloud

Give your child a Superior Mind

Raising A Reader;

School Starts At Home

My book sources are:

The Good Enough Child, by Brad Sachs

Toilet-Trained for Yale, by Ralph Schoenstein

Hey! Listen to This: Stories to Read Aloud, by Jim Trelease

Give Your Child A Superior Mind, by Siegfried and Therese Engelmann

Raising A Reader, by Jennie Nash

School Starts At Home, by Cheri Fuller

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