I appreciate each and every one who has purchased my latest book – a collection of short stories re-imagined from classic fairy tales – AFTER EVER AFTER. But I also know many have been waiting for the e-book version, and here it is!

After Ever After cover

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Available at half the price of the print version, you can read this on your Kindle reader right away. I admire you for being willing to tempt the darkness again and explore the other side of happy endings. (For you #FridayFictioneers, you’ll recognize the inspiration for many stories within that came from those weekly escapades.) And I am extra grateful when you leave me a review on Amazon. Thanks!

Young Writers Workshop

One of the outstanding events of the summer of 2013 was the Young Writers Workshop I taught, sponsored by the Branson Arts Council.  What an amazing group of talented authors!

Ages 9 and up participated in two sessions for a week-long focus on short forms of writing.  We wrote poems, flash fiction, six-word-memoirs, character sketches, and some pretty crazy journal entries!  The week ended with an author fair, featuring a dozen authors from the Missouri and Arkansas areas, and the students’ work was published in an anthology book for them to keep!

We’re looking forward to doing it again soon, and hope to expand the literary arts in the Ozarks – for young people and the young at heart!

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G is for Grammar

The April Blogging from A to Z Challenge continues!

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G is for GRAMMAR

I’m not a grammar Nazi, but I definitely appreciate the proper use of common words.

In this age of texting, posting, and tweeting, many people have fallen into the habit of using poor speech – typing as casually as they would yell to someone in the next room.

I typically overlook mistakes in informal conversations online, but bad grammar and misspelled words are appearing in advertising, news reports, headlines, and billboards.  Far from reflecting a laid-back approach to literature, it’s looking like a good education has escaped the people who call themselves professionals.

One local restaurant had a sign advertising their new tilapia dish.  It took six weeks and 3 separate attempts before the sign finally had the correct spelling of tilapia.  (Frankly, I lost my confidence in their ability to cook what they couldn’t spell.)

I had hoped that with the entire world wide web at everyone’s fingertips that the written word would improve.  Surely, there is app for THAT?

What do you think?  Is grammar a big deal or not?  Do you judge a person by their writing presence?

Leave a comment for me, if you please.  Writing is a lonely business.

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