History of Knitting

I’ve been teaching quite a few classes lately on knitting and crochet techniques, and thought I’d share my slide presentation for those interested in a brief overview…

Please contact me to schedule a class for your group, and don’t forget to leave a comment or link to your knitting work!

Fall Fibers

The chill of Fall is like a well-timed polite cough, reminding us to sit up straight, or check our skirt for any peep of slip or toilet paper, except that Fall gives its reminder of colder days ahead – which means warmer clothes are warranted.  That delicate “ahem” gives us pause and we glance around to see what we might have missed.  I have a book to read.  My to-do list is maintained and duly obeyed.  The plants have been taken in (or given a pitch over the back fence, but don’t look over there).  The garden plowed under and tucked in bed for next spring.  What have I forgotten?  Oh yes…my projects.It’s time to do an inventory of all those wonderful ideas I had this time last year.  They started so full of hope, so ripe with promise.  (Yarnies call them UFO’s…UnFinished Objects.)  What do we have here?Spinning Wheel. Check.Black alpaca roving. Check.Knitting needles. Check.Nine-unfinished-projects-that-now-hold-no-interest-to-me-so-I-have-to-take-a-trip-to-the-yarn-shop-and-buy-new-skeins-and-patterns-and-doodads.  Ummm, Check.Yes, there’s work to be done, and this weather is the right time to do it.  Here are a few of my recent finished items, and those in progress…

Amethyst Lace Shawl in progress

Perfect Fall colors for a cowl

There’s more, but I’m too embarrassed to list them all here.

What projects are prophesied for you this fall and winter?

What hobby do you return to each season or year, and why?

The “Dog Days” of Creativity

Every August, just when we think it can’t get anymore miserable in Missouri, the dog days arrive.  Picture a panting canine, tongue lolling, body sprawled across the only cool patch of concrete he can find (under your feet on the front porch), and you have a fairly accurate idea of what the dog days of summer inspire.  Nobody wants to move.  The brain cells slow down until all they can track are half-hearted buzzing of the flies.  Every breath is laboriously pumped like a rusty bellows.  And that’s just by 7am.

I’ve noticed that creativity gets its own “dog days”, although they can strike at any time of the year.  Remember Milo in the Phantom Tollbooth?  His little car rolled along until he entered the Doldrums, where the wheels ground to a stop, and he soon lacked the motivation to even care about getting back on the road.  Creative slumps are like that.

They can occur for writers, artists, musicians, crafters, designers … anybody who depends on their own perpetual motion to keep them working at their passion.  I recently hit a dry spell in my knitting.  That may not sound like a big deal (at least to non-knitters), but trust me, it’s a crisis for those of us who have to have some sticks and string in our hands at all times!

I went through my stash.  Nothing there worth looking at.  Those bins are full, but utterly uninspiring.  I organized my patterns.  Boring.  Too hard.  Too easy.  Not my style.  In desperation, I went straight to my local yarn store, Yarn Diva, and asked if there was some kind of 12-step program I had missed signing up for.  Turns out, all I needed was some sparkly yarn with a mindless pattern and a high instant gratification factor.  It helped that it was totally not my color or style, so I could contemplate how inappropriate it was all the time I was knitting it.

It worked!  I got the jump-start I needed to get excited again about something I love to do.  I shot those dog days in their hindquarters and they’re still yelping as they run for the hills.  So, if you feel an attack of the doldrums, and your creative wheels are grinding down, do not succomb.  Shop for new supplies, attend a workshop, join an online group, or just find a friend to confide in.  Stretch yourself, learn a new skill, teach an old one – that spark is just waiting to be rekindled into a roaring fire of productivity.  Remember, the dog days don’t last long, and Indian Summer is just around the corner!