Friday Flash – “The Ride”

  Her house was perched on the cusp of the valley as if teetering on the rim of a cup.  She didn’t miss the town or the frenzy of hustling a few coins, but she did miss the sound of another voice.  Not enough to change her mind, but just once in a foggy morning she thought it might be nice to hear a string of sounds that didn’t start with a snort or a hoof pawing the ground.

He said he would be back by morning, leading a group of strays.  He’d taken the roan, the mare with a temper to match her eyes.  But she was the best for long rides.  And it had been a longer ride than expected.

She was still waiting on the brink of this valley after twenty-two years.

Thanks to Madison Woods for providing photo inspiration for today’s 100-word Flash Fiction challenge.  Please visit her site to see more outstanding writing samples of the “Friday Fictioneers”!