I appreciate each and every one who has purchased my latest book – a collection of short stories re-imagined from classic fairy tales – AFTER EVER AFTER. But I also know many have been waiting for the e-book version, and here it is!

After Ever After cover

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Available at half the price of the print version, you can read this on your Kindle reader right away. I admire you for being willing to tempt the darkness again and explore the other side of happy endings. (For you #FridayFictioneers, you’ll recognize the inspiration for many stories within that came from those weekly escapades.) And I am extra grateful when you leave me a review on Amazon. Thanks!

“For Better or Worse” – Friday Fictioneers 100-word Story

“Look at that.  It’s not even finished, but we’re using it as an observatory already.”

“For what this house cost, it should dial Mars and deliver pizza from Pluto.”

“It’s certainly a dream house.”

“Mmmm.  Too bad Barbie and Ken couldn’t keep it together long enough to live in it.”

“I don’t regret a thing.”

“I regret everything.”

“They’re almost here.  They’re going to make us get down now.”

“I suppose you want to go first, like always.”

“No, that’s fine.  You go ahead.  I’d like a little more time up here.”

“We can always skip the ladder.  Go at the same time.”

“Well, it’s one way to stay together.”


Thanks to David Stewart for contributing the photo inspiration, and to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting Friday Fictioneers on her blog.  You can read more 100-word stories based on this photo HERE.


Flash Fiction – “Tijuana Trail”

  No one would steal his car on the streets of Tijuana.  It made the search so much easier.  He wondered what one of them would say, when finally found – the girls whose pictures he tucked in the door.  He flicked his thumb around the edges of the latest addition.  A girl called Rita.  No parents, no friends to miss her.

He’d been a California detective for thirty years.  Each one of the faces on his left had disappeared on his watch.  It was another day off, and another day following the trail.

Photo credit belongs to Beth Carter, fellow Friday Fictioneer, for this amazing photo!

I first thought of Tijuana, Mexico when looking at this photo because of the experience my parents had when visiting a health clinic there.  Needing a ride over the border from San Diego, they got a “taxi” that was anything but shiny and yellow (although not as bad as this!).  The driver explained that his car was specifically for this purpose, as any nicer vehicles soon lost their hubcaps, radios, and anything else that could be appropriated.

Many thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting the Friday Fictioneers!  Each Friday brings a new photo prompt and the challenge to write a story in just 100 words.  Follow the group on FaceBook or via Twitter – #FridayFictioneers.  Please visit more Fictioneers for some Friday Flash fun!