I appreciate each and every one who has purchased my latest book – a collection of short stories re-imagined from classic fairy tales – AFTER EVER AFTER. But I also know many have been waiting for the e-book version, and here it is!

After Ever After cover

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Available at half the price of the print version, you can read this on your Kindle reader right away. I admire you for being willing to tempt the darkness again and explore the other side of happy endings. (For you #FridayFictioneers, you’ll recognize the inspiration for many stories within that came from those weekly escapades.) And I am extra grateful when you leave me a review on Amazon. Thanks!

Karen Nelson Joins Flash Fiction Chronicles Crew

If you follow something long enough, eventually it’s yours.  (Or is that stalking?)  At any rate, I’m so glad that my time spent following the fascinating articles and up-to-the-minute Market Updates at Flash Fiction Chronicles has opened new doors.

FFC’s online magazine has been helping writers understand and explore the craft of writing for more than four years.  It’s impressive host of guest interviews and articles offers advice on everything from craft to publishing tips.  With such talent in play, it’s easy to see why I’m so pleased to have been named the Technical Editor for Flash Fiction Chronicles!

I’ve already met a wonderful network of hard-working and gifted individuals.  Being in charge of editing and formatting material for the e-zine has afforded me an opportunity to use my technical skills, while getting a first look at upcoming material.  (I love a sneak peek, don’t you?)

I look forward to the months ahead, and to reading many great submissions from Flash Fiction fans and experts!

Be sure to check out the website at and subscribe to this FREE magazine to keep up on industry news!

Reason 2 Rhyme Poetry Prompt – “Postcard Poem”

In the spirit of summer vacation (not that I’ve had one in years…) the following poetry prompt is designed to let us stretch our horizons using another form of brief writing…The Postcard.

Back of a postcard postmarked 1908; old postcard.

Write a poem in the disguise of a postcard message. Continue by writing a reply postcard message.

Keep the length brief, and give the recipient a sense of the place you’re visiting or the space you’re occupying. The location from which you write can be imagined or real. Alternatively, buy a postcard, and try to write a poem based on the image or photograph on the front of the postcard.

Here’s a sample from Christine Laennec:

And another that I am working on now…

Beach erosion

(Photo credit: kevin dooley)

Hey, Babe

Made it to the beach.

Found the bag in the back,

Our account’s in the black.

It’s just like you said – and no one

asks my name.

Hope you make it soon,

Love from Playa del Sol


To: Resident, Beach House 17

Glad you made the trip okay.

I’ll be a little late –

Never should have trusted Nate.

Wish I could see you in that bikini.

Always use your sunscreen,

I’ll be there in twelve to fifteen.

Love, Cell Block D-9

And if you really love postcard poetry, try the Postcard Poets site – you can subscribe to receive a poem via post 2x a month, and discover new poets!

Add your poem below in the comments, or link to your site and visit other writers by clicking the happy frog below!

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That’s it!  Haiku, Cinquain, Sonnet, Villanelle, Blank Verse, Free Form, Limerick… it’s all welcome!

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