Sneaky Inspiration


We have a small group (I mean a really small group) that meets the first Wednesday of the month to talk writing and works in progress and generally encourage one another. My kids and a few friends have their own meeting going on at the same time, and we all look forward to it. The rules are that there are no rules. No minutes to be taken. No bylaws to follow. You don’t have to produce any actual writing. It’s great! Kind of the Anti-Writing Group Group.

With all the pressure taken off to BE SOMEBODY, we relax, eat pastries, and eventually get around to discussing writing. We generally depart with a shrug and smile that “maybe next time” we’ll have an actual writing discussion and get inspired to move forward on our projects.

The funny thing is, there’s a sneaky kind of inspiration happening here. Looking back over my journals, that night or the next day or two, I usually write something that isn’t half bad. At least, it’s still on the paper in my notebook and not crumpled in the garbage can.

It seems that getting nothing done is quite productive. Taking one’s nose off the grindstone for an hour or two actually increases your enthusiasm to get back to it. Maybe I’m not working on great works of art or making any headway with the next book, but some interesting word-y things are happening that are worthwhile.

And that means Wednesday Writers is a success. At least for me. Like poking your head in a Montessori classroom, it looks like everybody is just messing around in there, but what you are really seeing is creativity being born.

I hope you have – or find – or create – your own version of Wednesday Writers. Without rules or expectations, and just get back to the fun of being with like-minded people. You may be surprised at what sneaks up on you.


I appreciate each and every one who has purchased my latest book – a collection of short stories re-imagined from classic fairy tales – AFTER EVER AFTER. But I also know many have been waiting for the e-book version, and here it is!

After Ever After cover

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After Ever After cover

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