Art on Display at Branson Landing!

The Branson Arts Council is so wonderful about working with community businesses to get art in front of the people!  This summer saw a kids’ art exhibit at Brighton Treasures, on the Branson Landing.  Many thanks to their fine support of the BAC program … and for sharing the pink lemonade and cookies!

You’ve Got to Have a Hobby

There have been several times when a hobby has turned into a job.  Which means you have to get a new hobby!  My latest route to relaxation is painting watercolors.

When I started (3 weeks ago), I tried to do the larger size paintings, but it just wasn’t working.  I hit on the idea to make miniature versions, which is a favorite of mine (note my interest in poetry, flash fiction, and six-word memoirs.  Clearly, I like bite-size projects!)  Each of these paintings is 4×5 inches, and can be mounted on a card to mail to friends and family.  Here’s hoping I keep improving!

GRAVEL: A Literary Magazine Debuts

One of my summer projects has been working on the University of Arkansas’ new online magazine, GRAVEL.  June is the inaugural issue, and I’m so pleased to announce its arrival!

As the official magazine for the MFA Graduate Program, GRAVEL attracts talent from around the globe – both in fiction and nonfiction.  Short stories, poetry, personal essays, memoir, flash fiction… it’s all welcome!  In addition, GRAVEL seeks to publish original artworks and multimedia pieces that showcase artists’ creativity.  If you write, paint, draw, take photos, or have some other form you’d like to submit for publication, please click HERE.

As part of the staff, it was my privilege to meet some wonderful authors through their writing.  Although I don’t typically do this, I’d recommend you read the Contributors page for the brief biographies first.  There are some fascinating individuals, and getting a glimpse into their lives before reading their pieces adds a whole new dimension to the experience.

Some of my personal favorites are:

So grab a cup of whatever gets you going, and peruse this grist for the creative mill.  GRAVEL is here, and it’s paving the way.