“Casting On” Appears in Gravel Literary Magazine

Fall cleaning often means time to re-organize.  The shelves, cabinets, drawers, shed, basement…nothing is safe when the mood to clean out strikes!  For me, organizing is essential to a fresh beginning, and that inspired my latest piece, “Casting On“.   This personal essay appears in the November 2013 issue of Gravel Literary Magazine, and fuses the idea of beginnings with the determination and frustrations that accompany learning any new endeavor – even if it’s just a couple of sticks and some string.

Knitting Kit-Jimin

(Photo credit: nist6ss)

Take a moment to visit this extraordinary magazine and enjoy the offerings of some very creative minds.

Blackberry Days – Summer Seasons Taste Great

My parents have a berry farm.  It was supposed to be two rows of blackberry vines for Dad to putter with, and 4 years later it’s open to the public and becoming a local phenomenon!  Here are a few photos from the season… and if you are in the Branson area, be sure to take time for a sweet stop!

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For more information, visit Blackberry Lane Farm on FaceBook, or contact them via Email at dpfister000@centurytel.net.

You’ve Got to Have a Hobby

There have been several times when a hobby has turned into a job.  Which means you have to get a new hobby!  My latest route to relaxation is painting watercolors.

When I started (3 weeks ago), I tried to do the larger size paintings, but it just wasn’t working.  I hit on the idea to make miniature versions, which is a favorite of mine (note my interest in poetry, flash fiction, and six-word memoirs.  Clearly, I like bite-size projects!)  Each of these paintings is 4×5 inches, and can be mounted on a card to mail to friends and family.  Here’s hoping I keep improving!