Strawberry Salvation

It may be a small thing, but one of the great irritations of my life is getting a nice quart of strawberries from the store, then having them mildew and rot literally overnight.  I use strawberries in my fruit smoothies, on salads, as an afternoon snack (with crisp white grapes), and I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a few plump and juicy berries to be ready for my welcoming gullet.

After much research and experimentation, I have hit on a life-extending solution (the berries’ life, not mine…that requires further scientific study).  I generously share my Save-the-Berry campaign strategy with you…

First, wash the strawberries and throw away or recycle the plastic carton AS SOON AS YOU GET HOME.  Don’t be tempted to wait until tomorrow, when the refrigerator gremlins will have already begun their insidious mold invasion.

Second, dry the berries on a paper towel.  Moisture is not your friend.

Third, tear or fold a small piece of paper towel into a 2 inch square and place in the bottom of a glass jar with screw-tight lid.  Place the berries into the jar, and top with another paper towel scrap.  Close the lid and refrigerate the jar.

Your strawberries will last for days – I’ve had some good for up to 2 weeks!  You’ll want to check the paper towel periodically, and switch it for a dry one as it absorbs the moisture from the berries.  Voila! Fresh strawberries on demand!