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A collection of short stories that re-enter the dark woods of fairy tales…

After Ever After cover

Literature-Based Theme Units


Read a Great Book … Grow A Great Mind

  • Choose from a variety of award-winning young adult titles!
  • Integrate Core Subject Areas
  • Portfolio and Traditional Assessment
  • Students Work at Their Own Pace
  • Multiple Grade Levels
  • Aligned with National Education Standards

Now Available from GoldMinds Publishing


Quotes for Creative Minds

by Karen Nelson

    Creative people are curious about the world, enjoy solving problems, are capable of suspending judgment until they have all the facts, and have a flexible imagination. A creative person also has a lot of fun!  Hear from writers, artists, inventors, and other great world minds.  Over 100 quotes and anecdotes from imaginative individuals past and present offer their views on creativity, adversity, and individuality to  inspire and encourage like minds.

Available for immediate download!

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