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November 19: “Regret” by Karen Nelson

“Regret” from my book AFTER EVER AFTER was featured at Story 366!


Hey there, Story366! Hope you’re having a glorious Saturday. As noted in yesterday’s post, I served as a guest speaker at the Ozarks Writers League Conference in Branson today, giving a lecture on literary citizenship, reading a bit of my own work, and sitting on a Q&A panel with fellow presenters Walter Bargen and Jo Van Arkel. Great event, great people in this group and I had an absolute blast. It’s a lot of fun to go to community writers group like the OWL, full of people who are hanging out together in a conference motel on a Saturday in Branson because they are excited to be there, wanting to hear people like me talk about writing, wanting to be around people with like interests. I always have a good time at events like this and this group was exceptionally receptive to what I was selling.


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