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26 Letters

I pulled out an old poetry form one day, the ABC poem. It’s kind of an elementary class staple. Boring, predictable, and reinforces the alphabet while attempting to coax some literary exercises out of 1st graders. I couldn’t remember actually writing one myself since I was a student.

But framed in an adult’s world, it provides remarkable flexibility. The use of 26 letters in alphabetical order as the first letter of each line stretches the vocabulary muscles better than a game of Scrabble. Here’s my effort:

Although you think I am
Being difficult, I am merely trying to
Choose happiness, which I can only do by
Denying chaos and your
Endless need to be
Going ahead and crushing the
Humble, the different, the
Independent soul.
January was the start of a new season, a
Kindlier time that also
Loses unnecessary drama, selfish
Only we can fashion
Peace from the
Ruins of our
Souls, a
Tribute to
Unwavering tenacity in
View of a
Wicked desire of the world to
eXorcise our confidence and joy.
Yesterday only moves me closer to
Zen, or myself.

What ABC poem can you write?

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