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Guest Author: Mike Miller

This week’s guest author is the outstanding M.G. Miller!
MURDEROUS, available Fall 2015 – Caroline murders her b*tch of a mother.
FAVORITE QUOTE: “First the priests arrive, then the conquistadors.” –Shogun, Clavell
MOST INSPIRATIONAL AUTHOR/ARTIST: Rod Serling. The man was insanely prolific, and always managed to produce top drawer work. His lectures at UCLA during the 70s were very near life-affirming for me.
ONE BOOK ON AN ISLAND:  A big book of blank pages. I’d get bored reading the same thing, but I could keep myself entertained longer by writing other books.
WHAT ARE YOU READING NOW?  AZTEC by Gary Jennings.  Phenomenal. When you open it, you’re not you.
ONE THING ABOUT ME FEW KNOW: I collect old airline disaster movies:  AIRPLANE!, AIRPORTS ‘75, ’77 & ’79, SKYJACKED, THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY, THE HORROR AT 30,000 FEET, ZERO HOUR, etc. I don’t apologize for it, either.
IDEAL & ACTUAL WORK SPACE: The office I’ve always wanted was in an abandoned house in my old home town: sunken room with bookshelves on three walls and a big bay window on the fourth overlooking an orchard. My actual space is a converted bedroom covered with old movie posters, and as many books as I can cram in. I have a huge desk; if there’s an afterlife, I’d like to be buried in it.
ADVICE FOR OTHERS?  Butt Glue.  It’s the only way.
Thank you for having me, Karen! You’re a great hostess, but you didn’t have to clean just for me.

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