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Proof I May Be a Robot (or Meet KBNelson 2.0)

I love my blog. I love talking to interesting people and sharing helpful articles. I dig the occasional blog hop or writer’s group challenge. But the truth is, I have a whole professional identity that I’ve worked hard on, gone to school for, and would just really like you to know about.

I talk about books because I’m a writer. I talk about education because I’m a teacher. But I’m not just talk – I’m here to help anyone who needs assistance with editing their manuscript, meeting a publisher, starting a class, or looking for a little encouragement. If you’d like to comment here, that would be great – but please take a moment first to check out my website, KarenBNelson.com to see what I do when I’m not hanging out with you wonderful people.

It still seems weird to think of myself as “new and improved”, but that may be my A.I. circuits reconnecting. At any rate, I look forward to seeing you again … wherever we shall meet.

10 thoughts on “Proof I May Be a Robot (or Meet KBNelson 2.0)

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    Karen Nelson’s post is part of a collaborative blogathon by authors of Oghma Creative Media during the month of February. Knowing many of these authors and their writing, I’m pretty sure you’ll find something that will make you laugh and learn. We’d love for you to visit, and if you so desire, comment, like or share!


  2. I think it’s great you’re thinking of yourself as “new and improved!” Great new website–I’m sure I’ll “partake” of your knowledge some time soon in the future!

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