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Flash Fiction – “Moving On”

Photo by Ted Strutz

  She faced the long line of empty booths, hoping he would spring up from one of them, but knowing he would not.  He had stayed on the shores behind her, buried with his fists and the peat and the emerald rain of the country he loved.

Gazing through the ferry windows at her new home, she wondered if she would make friends, or even meet a special man to bring into her life.  She wondered if she would tell him how her first love died.

Today’s flash fiction is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, with photo prompt by Ted Strutz.  This picture reminded me of the journey via ferry between Holyhead and Ireland.  Although my voyage was a happy one, complete with impromptu Irish band, once night fell it was easy to get the lonesome feel of an empty ship.

The Friday Fictioneers strive to produce a 100-word story each week, and you can read more of them right HERE.


19 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – “Moving On”

  1. Dear karen,

    I have so missed your excellent stories. I’m glad to see you again, even if only for a bit.

    This was beautiful, haunting, sad and happy, just like life. Wonderful tale, expertly told.



  2. Dear Karen,

    So nice to see you here. On second read of this story, I find myself wondering how he died…the mention of his fists…was there foul play? Nonetheless, beautifully layered and well written.



    PS. Yes, I’m still reading and commenting on them all. 😉

  3. This is a very intriguing piece, multilayered and well written. I am left with more questions than answers leaving me wanting for more. Ferries have a way of bringing out the romance and the mystery, the dark and light of the deep waters they cross. Lovely.

  4. Sometimes sad happenings lead to a better tomorrow and I hope she finds a better man this time:-)A beautifully written piece with lots of possibilities-like most am curious too about how her first love died-for a cause-fighting for Ireland(emerald rain?)-did he love the country more than her or was it something else-love the mystery:-)

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