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Friday Flash – “Prizes”

  The Cracker Jack drawer was my favorite.

The cupboards built under the stairs were as old as the house itself, and required much pulling and coaxing to surrender their treasures.  I rooted through trunks and armoires during my summer week with grandparents.  Once I discovered the bin of yesteryear’s prizes, I barely missed television or neighborhood kids.

A lick-and-stick tattoo,

a plastic party snapper,

thumbnail-size flipbooks,

miniscule magnifying glasses …

the detritus of an old woman’s love for caramel corn and a hoarder’s sense of preservation.  These remnants considerately left in an accessible bottom drawer for children to discover anew each season.

I didn’t even mind the silent dinners.

Many thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting the Friday Fictioneers group.  Each week a photo prompt is given with a request for 100-word stories.  You can read more flash pieces by visiting the site and clicking on the collections link.  As my interests include both flash fiction and creative nonfiction, my contributions vary in genre.   I trust you will find even life itself to be a good story.


16 thoughts on “Friday Flash – “Prizes”

  1. Dear Karen,

    You have me wanting to go back through my little shelf and reminisce. Actually it’s one of two. There’s a much larger one to the left of it, but I figured one was enough. 😉
    I enjoyed this well-written piece.



  2. Dear Karen,

    Your story went deep into the well of childhood years and brought up a bucket brimming with memories. A beautiful evocation of the prompt and a tale sure to stir the cobwebs in the recesses of many a reader’s mind. Welcome back.



  3. Childhood is still a place which is familiar to me, all the more reason for me to be super nostalgic and miss it. Well written piece.

  4. Refreshing to see old treasure ignite new fascination. I thought it was neat how you tied in the silent meals at grandparents. If only they could get talking about the treasures…!

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