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M is for MAYBE

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M is for MAYBE


“Maybe” is like limbo. You’re neither here nor there.  Could be yes, could be no.  It’s like I when I hear a person use the word “someday” – I always say in my head, “Someday is not a day of the week!”

It’s so hard to plan when you are at someone else’s mercy.  I’m an organized kind of gal.  I like to commit, put it on the calendar, plan for it, and go for it.  That other type of person – the one who drags their feet, waits until the last possible second, and doesn’t feel perturbed by blowing other people’s schedules – that person makes me insane.

I’m currently waiting on an answer for a project I really want to do.  The entire process has been a roller-coaster of thumbs-up, thumbs-down, wait-a-minute-we-changed-that-and-never-put-it-in-our-official-documents kind of experience that leaves me feeling spread thinner than a fruit roll-up.

It may be Monday, but I’m waiting for that “Maybe” to become a “Yes” or a “No” so I can get on with getting over it!


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