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I is for Illustrator

The April Blogging from A to Z Challenge continues!


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(Photo credit: Leo Reynolds)




Illustrations bring an author’s words to life. Nowadays, people seem to link illustrations with children’s books – pictures that help tell a story to young readers-in-training.  But once upon  a time, artists’ works decorated the pages of stories for adults.  Just think of the beautiful maps and line drawings in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. 




Whether you love the sweet watercolor renderings of Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit, or the magic of Andrew Lang’s colorful series of world stories, many of us fell in love with the visual representations of what a writer inscribed on our imaginations.

What are your favorite illustrators?  Here’s a few names to get you started:

Maurice Sendak, Shel Silverstein, Jules Pfeiffer, Dr. Seuss, Howard Pyle, N.C. Wyeth, Norman Rockwell…

Check out some modern famous illustrators HERE.


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