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G is for Grammar

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G is for GRAMMAR

I’m not a grammar Nazi, but I definitely appreciate the proper use of common words.

In this age of texting, posting, and tweeting, many people have fallen into the habit of using poor speech – typing as casually as they would yell to someone in the next room.

I typically overlook mistakes in informal conversations online, but bad grammar and misspelled words are appearing in advertising, news reports, headlines, and billboards.  Far from reflecting a laid-back approach to literature, it’s looking like a good education has escaped the people who call themselves professionals.

One local restaurant had a sign advertising their new tilapia dish.  It took six weeks and 3 separate attempts before the sign finally had the correct spelling of tilapia.  (Frankly, I lost my confidence in their ability to cook what they couldn’t spell.)

I had hoped that with the entire world wide web at everyone’s fingertips that the written word would improve.  Surely, there is app for THAT?

What do you think?  Is grammar a big deal or not?  Do you judge a person by their writing presence?

Leave a comment for me, if you please.  Writing is a lonely business.

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2 thoughts on “G is for Grammar

  1. It makes me crazy to see grammar and spelling mistakes. One local private school had a misspelled word on its sign, which instantly made me wonder what they were teaching the students inside. I just finished helping teach a group of 7th and 8th graders how to write a research paper. It made me sad that we had to explicitly tell them not to use texting language in their paper.

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