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Lapbooking Gets a Video Boost

I’ve been so impressed with the quality of HEDUA’s television series “Life Plus Homeschooling“.  I had the privilege of being a guest for four 20-minute segments, each dealing with a different topic of homeschool life.

Below is one of the completed episodes, “Lapbooking“, which focuses on how educators can incorporate lapbook activities with their literature units .  It was a great opportunity to showcase the literature theme units I authored to accompany Goldminds Publishing‘s YA line of current titles.  The program deals with the following four areas:

  • What IS a Lapbook?
  • What goes into a Lapbook?
  • Where to get materials and ideas
  • Throwing out the Test

You can find more in this series at the HEDUA website, or here on my blog!

I wrote a series of articles dealing with many of these topics, which you can find through the following links:

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Many thanks to the film production crew and the gang at HEDUA for sharing the wealth of information about homeschooling with the public, and for utilizing technology to help all of us learn more.

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