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Monday Motivation – “One, Two, Buckle My Sandal”

This month I’m so pleased to welcome the homeschool community as students from around southwest Missouri participate in the Reason2Rhyme poetry ring and Monday Motivation writing prompts.  Welcome to a fun way to start your week!

In honor of these students, I am hosting a contest for the month of March.    All student participants can submit their responses to the Monday prompts to be eligible to win a prize basket full of writing goodies.  There is no limit on the number of entries, and the entire month’s selections will be considered.  Best Wishes, and thanks for joining us!

International Mismatched Sock Day(for me this ...

 (Photo credit: Sappymoosetree)

Write a poem that almost rhymes.  Break the rules of traditional poetry by ending selected lines with an approximate rhyme (the tackier, the better).

Post your piece in the comment section below, or link to your website where it is posted.  Be sure to visit other Rhymers and leave encouraging comments, and remember to share this site with your friends on FaceBook, Twitter, or elsewhere.  See why we have a Reason 2 Rhyme!

Reason 2 Rhyme is on FaceBook and Twitter @Reason2Rhyme


Be a regular in the Reason 2 Rhyme Poetry & Writing Ring (here’s how that works…)

  • Monday Motivator – check this site for the week’s inspiration
  • Share your poem in the comment section, or link to the site where you have it posted
  • Visit other circle members and comment, like, or share their post
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2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation – “One, Two, Buckle My Sandal”

  1. Sweet, Sweet, Feet

    We cover them with socks
    Now why do we do that?
    They’re nice just as they are
    All bare and kind of flat

    Though some smell oh so sweet
    Some others not so much
    We like our feet, they’re just plain neat
    All ticklish to the touch

    While baby’s feet are oh so sweet
    We cuddle and we kiss
    As we grow big, here comes the change
    Now why or why is this?

    The feet now grow, toes start to curl
    The smell no longer fresh
    So socks it is, they cover all
    Why can’t we find their mates?

    I am the Grandmother of three wonderful home school students. I get to enjoy all the fun secondhand! JP

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