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Flash Fiction – “Tijuana Trail”

  No one would steal his car on the streets of Tijuana.  It made the search so much easier.  He wondered what one of them would say, when finally found – the girls whose pictures he tucked in the door.  He flicked his thumb around the edges of the latest addition.  A girl called Rita.  No parents, no friends to miss her.

He’d been a California detective for thirty years.  Each one of the faces on his left had disappeared on his watch.  It was another day off, and another day following the trail.

Photo credit belongs to Beth Carter, fellow Friday Fictioneer, for this amazing photo!

I first thought of Tijuana, Mexico when looking at this photo because of the experience my parents had when visiting a health clinic there.  Needing a ride over the border from San Diego, they got a “taxi” that was anything but shiny and yellow (although not as bad as this!).  The driver explained that his car was specifically for this purpose, as any nicer vehicles soon lost their hubcaps, radios, and anything else that could be appropriated.

Many thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting the Friday Fictioneers!  Each Friday brings a new photo prompt and the challenge to write a story in just 100 words.  Follow the group on FaceBook or via Twitter – #FridayFictioneers.  Please visit more Fictioneers for some Friday Flash fun!

16 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – “Tijuana Trail”

  1. Great job, Karen. You and Shirley McCann were on a similar wavelength with the photos of the women. Nicely done and I’ve been in some of those taxis in other countries.

  2. I like your take on this and love the line that no one would steal his car there. I tell Bill that about my van–no car thief is going to take a Toyota Sienna, as wonderful as it is, because there are about ten million out there and most of them are silver, just like mine!


  3. I do like this! It was a great brain storm – that Tijuana taxi – and using those girls in the photos for a private eye. Another great story. I don’t know how you do it, but I wish I could, too.

    • It’s me again.

      Ha ha. I’m using a new voice to text program and I forgot to check what I wrote to edit it.

      That line was supposed to read:

      Honestly, I don’t think anyone would steal that car either in Tijuana or any place else for that matter.

  4. I really liked your story, Karen. Super take on the prompt with the condition of the car and the purpose of the photos. Enjoyed your explanation of the idea too… sometimes that is as interesting as the story written.

  5. that’s dedication. in this line: “A girl called Rita.” i think if you just say “Rita,” we’ll know exactly what you mean and you can save three words for something more. just a thought. also, this line, “It was another day off, and another day following the trail.” i take this to mean that this pursuit is what he does on his days off work. correct? i hope so.

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