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Friday Flash Fiction – “Duelling Basses”

“You, uh…you been comin’ here long?”

“Yes, Frank.  We’ve stood in this closet every weekend for the past eight years.”

“How’s your sixth-grader doin’?”

“Oh, you know.  They’re all the same – too short to reach the tuning pegs, clumsy with the bow, embarrassed to be seen standing behind the cellos.  If only Sasha hadn’t moved, I’d be in the youth symphony by now.”

“I got a girl this year.  Big hands.  Could be good.”

“Well, it’s all pointless anyway.  It’s not like they can take us on the bus to practice at home.”

“I dunno.  Sometimes they surprise you.  Come in after school.  Pick a little.”

“Hear that?  The alarm’s set, building’s empty.  Play me that Rachmaninoff piece, Frank.”

“Anything for you, Joan.”

If you want to gain a new perspective on classical music, take a moment to enjoy the video below – “Stronger”, as performed by Time For Three.  I had the privilege of seeing these talented young men in concert this past year, and they are amazing!  Bassist Ranaan Meyer is especially gifted, and turns the double bass into a whole new art form.

Many thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting the Friday Fictioneers!  Each Friday brings a new photo prompt and the challenge to write a story in just 100 words.  Follow the group on FaceBook or via Twitter – #FridayFictioneers.  Please visit more Fictioneers for some Friday Flash fun!

13 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction – “Duelling Basses”

  1. The story was great! I like that they talked to each other in the closet, lol. The video was awesome! You are so lucky that you got to see Time For Three in person. Thanks for posting that; it brought tears to my eyes.

  2. We’re in year two of middle school bass here and I swear I can hear my son’s bass twanging in sympathy. You should see me packing that sucker in the car for concerts. Oy. GREAT last line.

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