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Reason2Rhyme Poetry Prompt – “Here’s Your Sign”

Welcome back to Reason 2 Rhyme’s Monday Poetry Prompt!  After a brief hiatus, we’re ready to flex those versing muscles with some fun and inspirational writing prompts.  This week’s challenge is:

Road sign, 2 miles north of Nome, Alaska

Transcribe the text of a sign that you encounter. Write maintaining the tone of the sign.

Have fun with this one!  Get out for a scenic drive, or cruise the net for some unusual signage (foreign countries have some great story starters).

Post your poem in the comment section below, or link to your website where it is posted.  Be sure to visit other Rhymers and leave encouraging comments, and remember to share this site with your friends on FaceBook, Twitter, or elsewhere.  See why we have a Reason 2 Rhyme!

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9 thoughts on “Reason2Rhyme Poetry Prompt – “Here’s Your Sign”

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  4. I just had to post this great poem my mother wrote for this prompt! She was reminded of a sign years ago whose center had broken out, leaving it unreadable.

    The Roadside Sign by Joyce Pfister

    Signs new and bright
    Some sprayed with light
    Direct us to their sight

    Signs old and worn
    Their message torn
    The stand alone – forlorn

    This sign seems a shame
    All that’s left is the frame
    This one that’s now so plain

    We can only guess
    Did it direct us to rest
    At the place that was best?

    Or perhaps it was food
    So luscious and good
    Please come if you could!

    We’ll never know
    If it as a show
    For laughter and dancing we’d go

    And as we speed by
    Our thoughts bring a sigh
    Someone’s dream said goodbye.

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