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“New Jargon” Featured Poet – Paula Baker

Congratulations to this week’s prompt drawing winner, Paula Baker!  She’s written a poem that encompasses the meaning of the Monday prompt:

Use a “new” word in pop culture to create a poem that reflects the sound of the word, possible definitions (real or imagined), or what your mind’s eye sees at the mention of this word or phrase.  For example, “Twitter” is no longer just a bird’s warbling. The word has grown to encompass something completely different.  Play with a word or phrase that has evolved due to technology, the internet, or social media.


Google me this, Twitter you that,

Now there are so many ways to learn and to chat!

First there were books, now there are Nooks,

To Kindle the fires of knowledge, you kooks!


Nowadays we tweet, google and surf,

Chatting, facebooking and blogging our turf.

The world became smaller and larger at once,

Bing! No excuses for being a dunce!


Resize (how I wish!), Reboot (far too much),

Repost now replaces our writing too much.

UR text maid no cents, proper grammar no more,

Technology rocks when spelling’s no chore!


Perhaps you are lost in this perilous maze,

Beat your Tom-Tom to find your way out of this daze.

Don’t know how to cipher or make a new hat?

Don’t you worry or fret, there’s an app for that!


A widget can work on a Page in a space,

So out there it’s cyber, no physical trace.

“Come into my parlor”, said spider to fly,

My webworld is waiting, C U, Buy, Bye!

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Thanks to all the participants in the Reason 2 Rhyme weekly poetry prompt, and here is a sneak peek at next week’s challenge…

Write a poem to or about someone you admire. You don’t have to personally know them to pay tribute to them. Write a poem honoring one of your heroes, someone who has, from a distance, made a difference in your life.

The prompt page will be live on Monday, August 27th, with a place to post your poem in the comment section, or link directly to your page.  Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with next!

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