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Reason2Rhyme Poetry Prompt – “New Jargon”

Use a “new” word in pop culture to create a poem that reflects the sound of the word, possible definitions (real or imagined), or what your mind’s eye sees at the mention of this word or phrase.  For example, “Twitter” is no longer just a bird’s warbling. The word has grown to encompass something completely different.  Play with a word or phrase that has evolved due to technology, the internet, or social media.

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This week’s prompt is courtesy of an idea by Fred Pfister, who likes to laugh at my love for the word “widget”.  He suggested this prompt as a way to play with some of the new words that technology has produced – or confiscated from its old definition!  Have lots of fun with this one!

Servant or Master

Widget and Sidebar

Header and Footer

Who put all these strangers

inside my computer?

A Widget may fidget

to right or to left

It acts like an app

but that sounds a bit daft.

An app is a form

that can get me a rental

a job or a loan –

All these programs are mental.

So I’ll send my Widget

to fetch me a drink

while I stare at the screen

and try not to blink.

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33 thoughts on “Reason2Rhyme Poetry Prompt – “New Jargon”

  1. I’m pleased you like the poem – it’s actually mine, but the idea for the prompt is Fred’s. I’m hoping he’ll weigh in with his own words this week!

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