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Friday Flash Fiction – “Thirsty”

“Hey, Thirsty! You ready for another drink of water?”

I shook my head, too shy to speak, and scuffed my school shoes in the dirt.  My folks had to go somewhere, and I was here with these neighbors who smiled and let me be.  It was hot, and they kept gettin’ me glasses of water, and I had to be polite so I kept drinkin’ ’em.

They was nice and all, but I wanted to go home.  I pushed my toes into the dirt and kicked up enough to start the swing going again.  They didn’t even know my name.

This week’s Friday Flash is actually my memory of an afternoon I spent as a child.  I don’t feel happy or sad about it today, but years later I visited this elderly couple and they still called me “Thirsty”.  Apparently I don’t change much.

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14 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction – “Thirsty”

  1. Dear Karen,

    There was a folksy quality to your MC’s voice. I found myself wondering about time and place and where this little girl was going to go to the bathroom and why no one knew her name. A nice slice of life for us to ponder.



  2. I’m wondering who these people are that she’s been left with and why? Great job! You surely left us hanging!

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