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“2+2=Poem” Featured Poet – BoomieBol

Congratulations to BoomieBol!  She was the drawing winner this week for the “2+2=Poem” poetry prompt from Reason 2 Rhyme.   On her blog, she says, “My writings are based on my point of view about life from my realities, dreams, and very wild fantasies. I write from my heart, I write for my heart..”

Her poem, “Lost Hope”, answered the challenge (via Tanka format) to “Choose a poetry form that involves some kind of number requirement.”
Read it below, and visit BB’s site for more wonderful writing!

Lost Hope

On the blue beaches
Of the island Tahiti
I saw my lost love
Arm in arm with another
Hope for a second chance lost

Thanks to all the participants this week, and here’s a sneak peek at Monday’s prompt…

Write a letter to a landscape or scene you pass through today (or often). For example, “Dear Williamsburg Bridge,…”

The prompt page will be live on Monday, July 16, with a place to post your poem in the comment section, or link directly to your page.  Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with next!

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8 thoughts on ““2+2=Poem” Featured Poet – BoomieBol

  1. Dear Karen,

    I wanted to submit a poem but was swamped by work and other things that live in swamps. Looking forward to Monday. Boomibol’s poem was perfect.



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