Reason 2 Rhyme – “2 + 2 = Poem”

This week’s poem challenge is going to take just a peek at form.  We’ll be generous and let you choose your own to play around with (within certain boundaries), but before you begin, take a look at this short video featuring Professor Roger Bowley as he demonstrates the relationship between Shakespeare and the Number 14, or Why Poetry and Mathematics Belong Together:

So, do you believe “the numbers add a strait-jacket to constrain the poet, or are the numbers helping the poet to add beauty”? 

Here’s your Reason 2 Rhyme for the week:

Choose a poetry form that involves some kind of number requirement (a 5-7-5 syllable haiku, a Shakespearean sonnet with 14 lines/10 syllables per line, a couplet form with rhymed endings, a quatrain, or any other form where you must take numbers into account).  Write on any topic of your choice, but be sure to pause and appreciate – or denigrate – the use of numbers in a poem!

My attempt is below (but keep in mind how terrible at Mathematics I was in school!)…

Shredded Wheat
The grass is but an
Unlit fuse beneath my feet
The crunch is the same as all dead things
Summer will not fly unless
Rain will give her wings
Thunder calls

(This poem is a septet…a seven-line poem with a syllable requirement for each line: 3,5,7,9,7,5,3.)

Add your poem below in the comments, or link to your site and visit other writers by clicking the happy frog below!

Be a regular in the Reason 2 Rhyme Poetry Ring (here’s how that works…)

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That’s it!  Haiku, Cinquain, Sonnet, Villanelle, Blank Verse, Free Form, Limerick… it’s all welcome!

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42 thoughts on “Reason 2 Rhyme – “2 + 2 = Poem”

  1. Randy, it was amazing! Sonnets have always gotten my brain completely twisted, but I enjoy reading them, and yours was very cleverly crafted. Thanks!

      1. Slight error in not deleting the word “what” in the second line of the couplet. It should have read:

        My thanks to you for your “amazing” word
        but “2+2″ was that which had me spurred.

      1. The legalistic me would say that the complement is a number which when added to another angle is “right” or 90 degrees, and the tangent is a number expressed by the opposite / adjancent angled, but It has been some time since I was a school boy

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