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Reason2Rhyme – “So Cliche”

Monday, July 25, 2012 Poetry Prompt…

Choose a clichéd phrase (“fit as a fiddle,” “think out of the box,” “running on empty,” etc.) and turn it around. Use the new meaning created by this reversal to fuel a poetic meditation.

Here is my response to the “So Cliche” prompt…

“Peace of Mind” by EleArt

A Piece of My Mind

I gave him a piece of my mind

My mind should be at peace

But now, only in pieces.

The pièce de résistance

was that he never heard it


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31 thoughts on “Reason2Rhyme – “So Cliche”

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    • Thanks for participating! I love your take on “feet of clay” (nice use of limerick-form too!). Glad we got the link system to work for you, as well. Hope to see you next week!

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  4. I just found out about this per forgetten wife :
    Here is what i came up with…feel free to critique…

    He was running on empty
    His platform seemed shaky
    But it didn’t matter
    His sort was often needed
    In a race with so many
    Whose smiles house
    Lies and much greed
    Left untold

    • Wonderful! “Whose smiles house lies and much greed left untold” – just beautiful (and so true!) Now, I wonder just who you had in mind when you wrote this?
      Be sure to add your site to the link system if you haven’t done so already. I visited your page, and you have some amazing stuff there!

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  6. “Curiosity Killed the Cat”

    Curiousity killed the Cat?
    She rarely leaves her fluffy mat!
    I think that it is more likely
    The Cat killed Curiousity!
    Initiative is frowned upon
    By pen, by purse, by gossip, gun,
    By feline high society;
    For if we let the cats run free,
    They might incite the dogs and birds
    With sleek, sly and seductive words.
    Friend, feed your cat its given wage
    And take its right to printed page,
    For you the king of felines be,
    Cats that killed Curiosity.

    Eric M. Vogt
    Copyright 2012

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