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Classroom Corner Opens!

I warmly invite everyone to take a peek at my new Classroom Corner!  This little stop on the worldwide web promises to be much like the Tardis…bigger on the inside than the outside.


TARDIS Mk VII  (Photo credit: >Rooners)

As I add new, FREE, downloadables, activities, and project sheets, each subject area will offer more choices for the educator who wants to connect with their student in an exciting way.  Whether your classroom is at the kitchen table or a public school, Classroom Corner will be sure to spark ideas and help give a boost to your academic routine!

Be sure to check out the Topics and Freebies area to find your subject of interest, and let the kids explore Just for Kids to find safe and educational websites for learning enrichment and brain games.

Visit now, and get on the mailing list to receive new notifications of materials, ideas, and industry links!

ClassroomCorner.com – Education ideas for lifelong learners and educators in the biggest classroom of all … the WORLD!


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