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Three New Titles – Just Published!

I’m so excited to present the product of the last seven months – three new education titles to excite young minds!

This curriculum is anchored in quality young adult literature, many by award-winning and local authors.

Debuting at this weekend’s area Home Educator’s Conference, they are already leaving a trail of enthusiastic readers and students.  After purchasing the “Crystal Brave” combo pack, one parent returned the next day to buy the rest of the series.  “My son was so excited about these activities!  He even offered to finish all his other homework so he could work on this project exclusively!”

Literature-Based Theme Units


Read a Great Book … Grow A Great Mind

  • Choose from a variety of award-winning young adult titles!
  • Integrate Core Subject Areas
  • Portfolio and Traditional Assessment
  • Students Work at Their Own Pace
  • Multiple Grade Levels
  • Aligned with National Education Standards

Now Available from GoldMinds Publishing

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