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Friday Flash Fiction – “Missed Connections”

The two passengers waited on the benches for a train that would never come.  It had been over 70 years since they had begun the long wait, but for them it was only a few hours.  Nobody saw them, and yet they were there, patient and resigned to the impersonal rules of the rail system.

“Did you hear that, Jeb?  I think the whistle blew.  It must be coming now.”

“No, Maggie.  That’s just the wind through the tunnel.”

He grasped her hand and settled his gaze away from the defunct tracks, across the fields that were empty only in his memory.

Skylar Spring writes that flash fiction is “thinking like a camera lens – focus on a single moment or image in time.”  Of course, having a great photo prompt helps in the process, but what life events stand out in the scrapbook of your mind?  What could you write about in a minimum of words that would give readers a snapshot of the bigger story?

Leave a comment below, and link to your own flash fiction if possible.

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22 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction – “Missed Connections”

  1. This reminds me of Waiting for Godot. But I do like the couple, ageless, and yet devoted to each other, oblivous to all, except their long wait.

    Here is mine: http://readinpleasure.wordpress.com/2012/04/13/flash-fiction-story-eloped/

    A dash across the lawn
    On a sun-kissed morn
    Its shimmer so silver
    The radiance evokes my fever

    A dash across to the bridge
    On feet of gossamer wings
    My flight in my haste
    To my love and fate

    In flight across the bridge
    Yearning for my love
    He waits amongst the lilies
    Ready my body to devour

    Kiss me, my lips so fresh
    Like dew on the earth
    Needing to feel your breath
    Caressing me in mirth

    Under the tunnel we meet
    We kiss, we feel, on heat
    We dance, a naked dance
    Free, cries my heart.

  2. Dear Karen,

    One reading is not enough. I will visit again to glean what I can from your story. If they can wait 70 years, I can take my time with their story. Ghosts don’t spring to mind and the answer to the enigma of their existence and awareness eludes me. patience, Douglas. I’ll be back. Lovely tone throughout and, as always, I appreciate the asides about flash fiction. I still apply the K.B. Nelson litmus test to all of my flash.




  3. This was very interesting. When I first read it, I thought they were ghosts. Then I read it again an thought that they were people remembering the past. Very intriguing and great job!

  4. A bittersweet little story, Karen. Even though at first I felt sorry for them, it seems that they’re satisfied, so it didn’t feel so sad when I finished. Thanks for the share 🙂

  5. I love this story…love these characters. I don’t see them as ghosts at all, nor do I feel sorry for them. In fact, they remind me of the sweet, blissful, old (still devoted) couples I see every day in NYC. Re. your couple.,.during their prime, there were actual train tracks in tunnels…so its not a mystery that in their diminished minds this is what they are waiting and listening for. Here’s mine:

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