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Friday Flash – “Reconnaissance”

  The branches, like fingers clutching at the sky, flashed white in the seconds it took for the explosion to rock their hiding place.  The early dawn would blow their cover soon enough.  Whistler motioned his men to the right, while he crawled to the ridge for a closer look.

The machinery spread below was twisted and alien, its claws drilling into the earth that had once sheltered the herds.  It would soon break into the colony that honeycombed beneath the surface.  Whistler gave a nod to his team, and raced back to warn the queen.

This week’s photo prompt is from Madison Woods’ site for the #FridayFictioneers.  Check out the other Flash Fiction, and comment or link your story!

Madison graciously provides us with a photo prompt each week, but there are many ways to get inspiration for 100 words.  Here are 10 Ideas for Flash Fiction Writing Prompts from Flash Fiction Chronicles…

Shuffle It

Write a story based on the next song that you hear on your mp3 player.  Use the lyrics, beat, and instruments to generate a story idea.

What Do You See?

Use a photo from your collection, or try a random Google image or Flickr search.

Get Nostalgic

Take out your old scrapbooks and photo albums and get some inspiration from the past.

Ask “What If…”

Spend some time imagining “what if” possibilities, such as “What if I could travel in time? Where would I want to travel?” or “What if I could talk to any person who has died?

The Saying Goes …

Think of an old expression such as “The early bird gets the worm” or “Penny wise and pound foolish” and write a story about it.

Whittle it Down

Think of your favorite movie, book or short story.  Now condense it to a piece of flash fiction.

Change Your Point of View

Pick up a random object in the room where you are sitting, or rummage around a junk drawer or toy chest and draw out a random object. Now write a story from the point of view of this object. What has it seen? What role did it play?

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine a wrapped box. You open it. What’s inside? Write a story about what you discover.

Random Words

Let your dictionary fall open randomly and point to a word on the page. Use it to inspire a story.

Let Computers Do it For You

If you’re still stumped for ideas, try a random story idea generator, such as this one. There are also character and name generators available, which could also offer inspiration.

17 thoughts on “Friday Flash – “Reconnaissance”

  1. Oh that was unique, too – so many of them have been so different than the usual this week! I liked that and wonder what the rest of the story is about! Another gem to file away for later mining Karen.

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