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Friday Flash – “Dragon’s Tears”

“It’s all bagged and tagged, sir.”

“Good.  Get it in the vault and let our suppliers know the shipment will be ready tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir.  And the, uh…the donor?”

“She’s served her purpose.  They only cry once.  Cut her loose.”

Neither man followed the path the wounded creature cut across the sky, flinching against its wounds as it scaled up the clouds to freedom.

I must be on a word diet, as this week’s Flash only weighed in at 60 words!

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18 thoughts on “Friday Flash – “Dragon’s Tears”

  1. Wow, this is heart breaking. I think you could have used those spare words to weigh in with the effect on the Dragon – if they only cry once do they die after? or lose their magic? But I’m already sad for her, so maybe it’s best I don’t know.

  2. Karen, you paint a tragically gorgeous picture here.

    I did wonder how they made the dragon cry and whether it would survive in the aftermath of whatever wound was inflicted. I felt so sad for it. Then again, if you check out my post this week, I was also drawn to dragons and may romanticize them a bit.

    I also wondered whether it was the tears that were gemstones, or scales that might be cried upon to transform them to gemstones — ? (which would give an explanation as to the wound as well as why it was important that the dragon cry). I absolutely love what you’ve done and the options introduced by it.

  3. I liked this one quite a bit! (and no one died this week…yet. ) 🙂 At first I thought you were going to kill the dragon off, so I was relieved that you let her live. My favorite stories are ones about dragons and Anne McCaffrey’s are at the top of my list. Thanks for a great story.

  4. Dear Karen,

    Each Friday, before I set electronic pen to digital paper, I think of you and the guidelines to flash fiction you’ve shared with your readers. I appreciate the effort you took to impart that knowledge to me. If there is ever anything I can do to repay the favor, please let me know.

    I found Dragon’s Tears to be one of your beststories thus far and I especially liked the last sentence. I hope they haven’t seen the last of that dragon and that when next we read her on Friday the title will be Dragon’s Fire.




  5. That was an awesome story in so few words. Unbelievable that you did it with only 60. So sad, but I’m glad they let her go and I hope she recovers from whatever they did to make her cry.

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