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Friday Flash – “Regeneration”

  The creature pulled its body forward in one painful drag of its remaining leg.  It could see the terrain through the crack in its protective shell; rocky, uneven, but with just enough earth to dig its claw into and propel it onward.

With each slow crawl and teeth-jarring scrape, it could feel the interior of its shell expanding, swelling to accommodate the growing body within.  It was tracking the one who had reduced it to this pitiful state.  And by the time it caught up, it would be unrecognizable to its prey.


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26 thoughts on “Friday Flash – “Regeneration”

  1. A leg!! Excellent! Once I read your post, that’s exactly what that protrusion looked like, and I could just imagine “it” crawling over the rocks. Good ending, too – it made me want to know what happens next.

  2. I absolutely agree. My first thought was definitely “leg” not “shoot”. I mentioned that in my story here (http://wp.me/p1PeVl-2A) but I did go with shoot as the real version in the end.

    I LOVE your story though – the revenge builds right through it and at the end I am really looking forward to the next scene. Shame we won’t get to see it!

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