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JANO 2012

I’m very excited to be a part of JANO 2012 – the writer’s event that challenges participants to 50,000 words on a novel during the month of January!  Sponsored by Sleuths’ Ink, anyone can get in the game, with a minimum of rules.

1. Write, write, write, until you meet or exceed 50,000 words on January 31st.

2.  No editing!  (Save it for the months ahead.  Just get those words on paper!)

3.  All genres welcome!

I went to bed last night, on the last day of the year, thinking about how I would begin the next day.  I even woke at 1am with the thought that it was officially January, so I could start right then (but I am far too fond of my Tempur-pedic to leave it in the middle of the night).

Today began the first day of JANO, and I logged 2,350 words this morning!  I hope everyone who is joining the event has lots of success, inspiration, and unlimited amounts of caffeine as required.  If you’d like to be welcomed by an outstanding group with generous support, please visit their website.  Any writing that is accomplished (regardless of the target 50,000 words) is bound to be more than if you had never tried at all!

2 thoughts on “JANO 2012

  1. OOOOH, sounds interesting! Can I be part of your super secret team to read upcoming novels? Can’t wait to find out what great stuff you’ve written next! Wonderful idea to keep accountability for producing a novel.

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