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“Payment” – Friday Flash Fiction

I haven’t gotten to be a part of Friday Fiction for a few weeks, but hopefully things have settled down, and Fridays can be mine once more!

My photo is a bit different today, but it goes along with a project I’m working on, so I want to stay “in the mood”.

Baby hand

  The child’s eyes shifted from it’s mother’s face to the odd little man beside her.  A child himself, but old and wizened.  The dusting of gold on his hands could not conceal the dirty, too-long fingernails, already grasping at the baby’s wrappings.

“Alonzo?  Crispin?  Gerard?  Mathias?”

A sharpened smile leered into the baby’s face.  The little man had taken precautions this time, and he was back in business.


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22 thoughts on ““Payment” – Friday Flash Fiction

  1. Dear Karen,

    The dusting of gold on his hands was the most compelling sentence. I hope this is a WIP and that you’ll help me track it down when it is in full flower.



    • Thanks, Doug. I’m working on a series of short stories (I know, “death” to writers who waste their time on short stories!), but I absolutely love them, and wish there were more published collections.


  2. Yes, this is definitely an intriguing piece of work! It has the feel of a Grimm brothers tale and I’d sure like to know where it’s going next. Glad to have you back on board 🙂

  3. Lots to think about here. Payment for services rendered I suppose? Can’t wait to find out where this eerie tale is headed.

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