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Friday Flash – “Coming Home”

Today’s Friday Flash is inspired by the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone, who was doomed to spend half the year in the underworld (thus bringing winter to the earth). This is my version of her first fragile steps back to the mortal world, and the return of Spring.

Demi grasped her daughter’s hand and coaxed her onto the frozen path.

“Come on, ‘Sef. It’s time to go home.”

The girl stared blankly, first at her bare feet then up to the stranger-woman’s eyes. Her brows drew together and she struggled to touch the thought that hid behind an icy wall of her memory.

“I know, dear. It’s cold now, but just start walking. It will melt for you – just like last year. It’s greening time, but you have to begin now.”

The child gazed down the tunnel of ice-covered branches and had a whisper-quick vision of dancing leaves and sunlight. Her foot inched painfully forward and a word formed on her lips, “Spring”.


Friday Flash Fiction is a recurring event among the Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Madison Woods for providing photo inspiration and a place for us to gather!


4 thoughts on “Friday Flash – “Coming Home”

  1. Beautifully written, Karen. I loved the line, “struggled to touch the thought that hid behind an icy wall of her memory.” The entire piece was poetic. Great job!

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