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Friday Flash – “Clothesline”

frozen pegs

It took a moment for his brain to register what his eyes had already seen.  Icy rivulets announced the first hard freeze.  It was another eight seconds before his pre-coffee mind could grasp the utter stillness outside.  Then the vague memory of sheets hanging there last night, a striped shirt, a worn pant leg that should have been frozen with the gravity-defying icicles.

He walked outside, joints stiff and unwilling as his waking self.  At the bottom step, both gave out.  He stared at the heap of twisted laundry, torn from its pegs.  He groped in the dark blank of his mind for a memory of last night, but came up as cold and still as the woman’s bare foot protruding from the folds.


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22 thoughts on “Friday Flash – “Clothesline”

  1. Dear Karen,

    I used to hang cold, wet sheets outside in freezing weather (Navy boot camp sometime in the preceding century) and let me tell you, you captured it perfectly. So…Where were you on the night of…? Ha!

    Nice story, Karen.



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