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Journaling Your Way to an Education

Lapbook Open

The Notebooking Method for Homeschool

I didn’t even realize this was an official method for homeschooling, until I came across it in several sites with its own category listing.  My kids and I have been notebooking (lapbooking) for a couple of years, and I can honestly say that it has taken on a life of its own.  I wouldn’t call it a full-fledged method for us, but it is a significant part of our education!

Notebooking allows children to process what they learn by creating a kind of interactive journal.  It is ideal for covering broad topics or literature units, as information can be disseminated into smaller parcels.  The emphasis is on collecting and organizing information, and documenting student learning.  It is very affordable – costing only the price of a few file folders, some paper and crayons, and your local library card.

Children who thrive with Notebooking:

  • love to follow their own interests
  • enjoy delving deep into an area of interest and exploring it more fully than their peers
  • have an interest in demonstrating or expanding their creativity
  • often enjoy hobbies or interests on their own
  • do not need to prove mastery of skills through written tests
  • are pleased with a tangible record of their achievements

More about the Notebooking Method –

Homeschool Notebooking – lots of free printables

HomeHearts – great ideas on how to use specific subjects in notebooking

The Homeschool House – a glimpse at how one homeschool mom successfully incorporates notebooking into their yearly schedule

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6 thoughts on “Journaling Your Way to an Education

  1. Notebooking sounds like a perfect way for a child to learn. (What they want for as long as they’re interested.) Reminds me of me right now. If I stop notebooking check my pulse. Great post, Karen.



  2. Hi, Karen. Your post here on notebooking caught my eye since we use notebooking too. In fact, I have an entire blog devoted to it.
    It’s been neat to see the transition my daughter has made from lapbooks into notebooking.

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