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Hitting the Books in Homeschooling


Literature-Based Home Schooling Method

At first glance, the Literature-Based Method might seem like the Charlotte Mason method, but it differs because of its more modern and broad approach.

Advocates of literature-based curriculum disdain the use of textbooks as being dry, boring, and unrelated to real life.  They prefer to use “living books” – a hallmark of Charlotte Mason’s approach – but the selection is considerably wider.  Historical fiction, first-person accounts (like diaries and journals), expert-authored topical texts, and of course, the classics, are among typical choices.

Homeschool Curriculum Advisor states that “usually a literature-based home schooling method will work quite well for you (at least you’ll have less stress in continuing on) if you:

  • want to have your child follow a set scope and sequence,
  • want to have general accountability for your child,
  • see a value in having your child love to read by reading books he or she will love to read,
  • want to be involved in the day-to-day process of your child’s education, through discussion that will draw out what your child is learning and perhaps controversial issues raised through the books.”

Literature-Based schooling is remarkably flexible, and able to encompass multiple teaching strategies, including Unit Studies and Notebooking/Lapbooking activities.  Sonlight Home School Curriculum is probably the most well-known of the literature-based home school curriculums.

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