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Fall Fibers

The chill of Fall is like a well-timed polite cough, reminding us to sit up straight, or check our skirt for any peep of slip or toilet paper, except that Fall gives its reminder of colder days ahead – which means warmer clothes are warranted.  That delicate “ahem” gives us pause and we glance around to see what we might have missed.  I have a book to read.  My to-do list is maintained and duly obeyed.  The plants have been taken in (or given a pitch over the back fence, but don’t look over there).  The garden plowed under and tucked in bed for next spring.  What have I forgotten?  Oh yes…my projects.It’s time to do an inventory of all those wonderful ideas I had this time last year.  They started so full of hope, so ripe with promise.  (Yarnies call them UFO’s…UnFinished Objects.)  What do we have here?Spinning Wheel. Check.Black alpaca roving. Check.Knitting needles. Check.Nine-unfinished-projects-that-now-hold-no-interest-to-me-so-I-have-to-take-a-trip-to-the-yarn-shop-and-buy-new-skeins-and-patterns-and-doodads.  Ummm, Check.Yes, there’s work to be done, and this weather is the right time to do it.  Here are a few of my recent finished items, and those in progress…

Amethyst Lace Shawl in progress

Perfect Fall colors for a cowl

There’s more, but I’m too embarrassed to list them all here.

What projects are prophesied for you this fall and winter?

What hobby do you return to each season or year, and why?

4 thoughts on “Fall Fibers

  1. Karen,
    I hope you finish that lace shawl. It will be beautiful. I am plugging away on my projects. Those I have deemed not worthy of finishing, I am ripping out and either using the yarn for some other project or donating it! I have started a new scarf. A double knit Running V scarf I found on Ravelry. I’ve promised myself I will finish it before I cast on those socks I want.
    Happy knitting and thanks for the link to my post!

  2. Your post is all too familiar to me. My Mom loved to create beautiful works of art for all to enjoy, and I tried so desperately to emulate her. Sadly, like you, I am a better “starter” of knitted projects, and a master at UFO’s! I often wish that I had more of my beloved Mom in me, as I would love to carry on her work for her.

  3. While I won’t even mention Christmas shopping I need to get back to blogging (I’m way way behind) and get caught up with my editorial work. But autumn chores and personal responsibilities get in the way. I’m NEVER going to have time to be creative again. Sob, sob. (I’m feeling really sorry for myself just now.)

  4. Dear Karen,

    That photo reminds me of the one thing I miss about the mainland above all else. The hues of Fall are so beautiful. A road trip from north to south through the changing leaves of the season might be the fix I need.

    As for projects, I have just one of late and it is to get all of my possessions culled down to where they’ll fit on the back of a BSA 750. When that happens I figure I’ll take that road trip.

    Good luck with your UFOs and other projects. And take in the vistas of Fall for me, will you?



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