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September Reminisce

The month of September seemed to pass faster than we could feel the air change from sultry summer to autumn’s chill.  Just when I start thinking that I haven’t scraped the surface of my to-do list, I look back on the month’s activities and feel surprised – Surprised that I got more done than I give myself credit for, relieved that the days were not wasted in worry, and pleased that I had another 4-week span to enjoy my fabulous family.

The family highlight for the first of these Fall months was Kendra’s prize-winning art entry, “Red Fox”.  Her original drawing will be one of six souvenir postcards printed by the Branson Arts Council, and sold in area visitor’s centers.

Prize-winning Young Artist

Colonial Life Lapbook

We had a busy schooling month, with a big unit on Colonial Settlement, and extended activities with our astronomy series (The Sun and Mercury are hot topics around here…) We also finished up one math curriculum and started a new/old one – Math-U-See, a hands-on concrete understanding approach to learning mathematics.  (I also had the privilege of my curriculum review of the program appearing on Homeschool Curriculum.org).  We rounded out the month with reading fairy tales, legends, and myths, with a stopover in Kristen Tracy’s Camille McPhee Fell Under the Bus.

A well-hidden cache

Geocaching got special attention this month, with a few local finds.  The kids loved searching for “treasure”, scanning the map, and trading items for future cachers.

The Writing Life has gotten busier too, with a project for GoldMinds Publishing, writing curriculum units for their Young Adult line.  A short story is scheduled for publication in Echoes, an anthology, and a few articles are out with magazine editors at the moment.

The Homeschool Methods series is almost halfway through (we’ve covered Unit Studies, Charlotte Mason, and Unschooling so far).   I also began a new series – “Who’s That Loser?” – a tongue-in-cheek look at famous homeschoolers who have proven to be a success, in spite of what the haters say.

Friday has become the day I look forward to the most – and all because of 100 little words!  Thanks to Madison Woods for getting me hooked on Flash Fiction.  You can find some great samples at her site, as well as at Jan Morrill’s blog.  Keep checking each week for new quick fiction fixes with the Friday Fictioneers! September pieces included:

If you missed some of the other writing inspiration and commentary, check out

A shout out to the great personalities at Ozarks Romance Authors, who so kindly welcomed me as a guest at their monthly meeting!

It was a productive and happy month (my favorite kind), and made even better by the gorgeous Fall weather.  Cooler temps make my hands itch for knitting needles, so I’ve got a few new projects on (photos to come).  Apparently I’m not the only victim, since I’ve had plenty of knitting students at classes, and more signed up for next month.  What are your hobbies that always come back to you in the autumn time of year?

Can’t wait to see what next month brings…I just hope it’s as good!  (Sneak Peek: Ozarks Creative Writers Conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas!)

2 thoughts on “September Reminisce

  1. September did fly by, didn’t it? Nice picture of Kendra and her award. How wonderful it must be to have a daughter with a creative bent. I’m sure you’ll look back on this time and the picture she drew with pride as she takes new steps along her journey.

    Waiting impatiently for Madison’s picture post and looking forward to reading your Flash Fiction this coming Friday.



  2. Great Job, Niece! You are surely a busy person, Karen. I love hearing about everything that you have going on and I’m so happy that you are writing on a regular basis. Great job on the Friday Fiction! Keep ’em coming!

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